Organizations I've been a Part Of

5 minute read Published: 2018-08-29

I attended UC Berkeley (BS EECS, 2015), worked for Google (X), and now attend USC (PhD CS, 2023?). The full list of places I've been is a lot longer.

Obviously, they don't endorse me or anything, and I can't speak on their behalf.

University of Southern California

Where I'm currently a PhD student in computer science, with Joseph Lim and Gaurav Sukhatme.

University of California, Berkeley

Where I received a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It's a big and complicated place, but I'm quite fond of it. The classes were good, and the faculty were friendly and helpful.

Google Robotics / X

Not much I can say about this one. I interned there full-time for a semester. I met some really amazing people who I was honored to work with, and really felt accepted by them. It was awesome getting to work with real robots full-time. I was also able to make a real contribution, despite my relative inexperience. The 150 minute commute each way was awful though. If there were a similar place in the future, I would probably go.


I worked here for almost two years. For the most part, I worked on optimizing the Google search mobile web interface. My largest project was a subsystem of the Search Progressive Web App (PWA), which caches JavaScript. For the devices it was launched on, it roughly halved the total bandwidth used for downloading JavaScript.

The team I worked with here was great. I felt I got along well with all of them really well. Overall, Google Search is well managed, which is absolutely essential since it's central to a large bureaucracy. I learned a lot about how large groups like that can operate. If I hadn't decided to focus on Artificial Intelligence, I would have stayed much longer.

Pioneers in Engineering

I did a lot of volunteer projects with PiE for several years. My first year with them, I helped develop their in house motor controller, the Grizzly Bear. This allowed students to use several more motors on their robots, while having much fewer issues compared to its predecessor. I also developed their field control system, Forsetti.

My second year with PiE I helped lead Control System Next, an ambitious project to build an extremely inexpensive, highly capable, debuggable, and modular real-time control system. We made significant progress, but achieving acceptable stability under our constraints was very difficult. The amount of work the core team members (myself included) put into this project was insane, and best not repeated here. I've resolved to never work this much ever again, unless it's for a company I own.

My third year with PiE I served as Engineering Coordinator and a PREP mentor. I found managing 40 volunteer staff to be extremely challenging, especially since most of them were only available for the same five hours a week. Ultimately, this contributed to me canceling the Control System Next project. That's probably one of my most painful yet proud moments of working in PiE. I also oversaw the beginning of its replacement project, which was used during the 2016 and 2017 PiE seasons.


I interned here my last summer at UC Berkeley. I feel like I wasn't able to have any impact, despite putting more effort than I had on any other internship. I chose to implement CSS Containment. However, the spec was still changing frequently. Furthermore, I was never able to find an efficient way of implementing style containment, so the feature could never even be landed. This was likely just a bad project for an intern. I did learn a lot about HTML layout, which lead me to briefly contribute to Servo.

I met some people I would still like to call friends. It was also awesome to be able to eat lunch with the Mozilla Research group every day. If I hadn't decided to focus on Artificial Intelligence, I would likely go back.


I was in this undergraduate research group for 3 and a half years. I was one of leaders for two and a half years, and the only leader for roughly a year. The group declined in size significantly under my leadership, and I don't know why. I feel personally responsible, but I don't know what I could have done better, especially since I was pretty busy.

After I left, the group was lead by Christopher Sumnicht, who kept the group together very well, despite me basically just throwing the leadership role at him.


The Beauty and Joy of Computing

I worked with this group part-time for about a year working on a handful of projects. Mostly, I hacked together an system originally designed for Hour of Code. The system was never officially included in Hour of Code, as far as I know. I also wrote a server to allow storing Snap! projects. However, no one ever wrote a user interface, and I believe it was never actually used.

Wind River / VxWorks CoreOS

I interned here my first summer at UC Berkeley. It was pretty cool to work on VxWorks, in a lot of ways. I had a great manager. I wish I'd listened to my team mates a bit more. If there were a place for me to advance my career there, I might go back.


I interned here. My team did a great job finding intern projects for me to work on, and were very friendly. San Diego is also a nice location, and where most of my family lives.

San Diego Supercomputer Center

I interned here for two summers. It was a good experience, although I wish I had applied to work on software more. I had no idea how rare my skills were back then.

River Valley Charter School

My middle school and high school. I would recommend it to any self-motivated students in the San Diego area who can coexist with very religious people. There is no other way I would have been able to get as good of a high school education, given my circumstances.

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